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Config for logo, pagetitle & footer

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I've been trying to change the config for the logo, pagetitle & footer.

Changing the setting for the logo in

$config['skin_logo'] = null;
$config['skin_logo'] = ("*" => "/images/roundcube_logo.png");

The logo doesn't change (theme set to larry). Tested loading the login page.

I have to replace the roundcube_logo.png file in both the skins directories for both classic and larry.

Changing the product name in doesn't change what is on the login page.

$config['product_name'] = 'Roundcube Webmail';

Can anyone please provide me some guidance on how to change the pagetitle and login footer?

Roundcube Version 1.2.3
Apache version 2.4.18
Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1

do not change the values in you need to change/add them to

Thanks for the assist. I was able to change the product_name value by adding it to

I tested adding the logo line but it didn't change the logo. That's fine as I can replace the image files.

Is there a way of editing the pagetitle more so it doesn't show the Welcome message?

Currently, it shows "ProductTest :: Welcome to ProductTest".

As I didn't want to edit the localization files, I tried editing rcmail_output_json but haven't figure it out yet. I tried removing after $name but it didn't change the site.

--- Code: ---$labels['welcome']   = 'Welcome to $product';
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---$this->command('set_pagetitle', empty($name) ? $title : $name . ' :: ' . $title);
--- End code ---

you can probably do that via a plugin or by creating a custom skin. I think this is the point in the code where it is normally set but editing the core code is the worst option

Ok, thanks. I'll give it a go.


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