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Release Candidate for version 1.3

Started by SKaero, April 26, 2017, 05:37:46 PM

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We just published the feature-complete version for the next major version 1.3 of Roundcube webmail for final testing. After dropping support for older browsers and PHP versions and adding some new features like the widescreen layout, the release candidate finalizes that work and also fixes two security issues plus adds improvements to the Managesieve and Enigma plugins.

We also slightly polished the Larry theme to make it look a little less 2010. Still, the default theme doesn't work on mobile devices but a fully responsive skin is currently being worked on.

As a reminder: if you're installing the dependent package or run Roundcube directly from source, you now need to install the removed 3rd party javascript modules by executing the following install script:

$ bin/
With the upcoming stable release of 1.3.0 the old 1.x series will only receive important security fixes.

See the complete Changelog and download the new packages from

Please note that this is a release candidate and we recommend to test it on a separate environment. And don't forget to backup your data before installing it.

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Quote from: SKaero on April 26, 2017, 05:37:46 PM
a fully responsive skin is currently being worked on.

5 months later, no news about it ?