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Modified Larry Skins with additional colorful themes

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These themes are compatible with 1.4. Now ...

I have updated (July 2020) with better watermark, logo and favicon images to match each skin color as well as CSS improvements.I have also totally redesigned the tabs. Let me know what you think ...

I have just released some Roundcube Skins based off of Larry for Roundcube 1.3. I have also included themes for several plugins so they will be good "out of the box". You can check them out at my github repo here I have some minor CSS changes to do. I am waiting for RC1.3 release to finalize. Any feedback on skins is appreciated ..

Edit Add: These skins are ready for use on Roundcube 1.3. Please check them out and let me know if there are any issues, or missed colors somewhere. This was a lot of lines of CSS to go through and several plugins. It took a week to make sure I simulated every instance I could think of using Roundcube to make sure colors compliment each other.

Edit Add: These skins are ready for use on Roundcube 1.4

Thanks and Enjoy ....   8)


Screenshots of Widescreen Mail
Autumn Mail

Black Mail

Blue Mail

Blue Calendar (only showing this one, the rest are all colored for their themes as this is)

Green Mail

Grey Mail

Pink Mail

Plata Mail

Summer Mail

Teal Mail

Violet Mail

i am just install and i have this error.

The requested resource was not found!
Please contact your server-administrator.

sorry i miss.. problem already solve.. what i did is copy skin too to plugins folder..

i i ask for some skyn developer for  an important information based on user xperience: all the larry skin theme based, the messages are not well made visible to users..

alert and messages in classic skin its in the middle of the screen so user "must" have to see it..

in larrry are at the corner so if user are distracted dont see it!

please how can i configure this or move it to more in the center for this skins, i open a github issue?

That is a personal choice. I personally HATE when alerts and pops ups appear in the middle of my screen. I have no plans to move any notifications. The mechanisms that control that are within the jqueryui plugin. I do not remember exactly where as it has been a while since I dug into this. With a little time and luck, you will get what you desire. Have a good one ....


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