Author Topic: Default username and password? (real stupid newb question I'm sure)  (Read 2816 times)

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So I'm new to most things server management. I have been using cpanel for years and never learned how to really do anything.

Recently, I set up a wordpress instance on google cloud platform. Wanting to have email addresses for my site, I also endeavored to set up roundcube to handle email (you'll note here I am not very familiar with email management of any sort, and I don't even honestly know if roundcube is the software I want, but I do know it has a web interface, which is a good thing for a newb like myself).

I followed this guide to set up:

And had no problems.

But, when I get to the login page I have no idea what credentials I should enter to log in! Help!

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Roundcube is webmail client in the same way thunderbird is a desktop client. In order to be able to login to Roundcube you need to connect it to a mail server. If your working on the cPanel server that is where you'd create the email accounts.