Author Topic: [SCRIPT] Autologin from different page/website  (Read 1449 times)

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[SCRIPT] Autologin from different page/website
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:56:03 AM »
Dear Roundcube users,

After searching online, I saw a lot of people requesting a function to login to Roundcube from a different page or website.
I couldn't find a solution, so I wrote a script for this and want to share it with you guys.

Feel free to share this script, but you have to give me credits:
Author: Martijn van Kekem

It's a bit of a workaround, but it works as it should:

1. Go to [roundcubefolder]/program/include/ and replace 'rcmail_output_html.php' by the attachment called 'rcmail_output_html.php'
2. Then, place the attachment called 'autologin.js' in the folder [roundcubefolder]/program/js
3. You are almost done. Download the attachment called 'rclogin.php' and place it on the server where you want to log in from.
4. Make sure to edit rclogin.php with your own username, password, host and webmail URL.

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Re: [SCRIPT] Autologin from different page/website
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2017, 02:28:24 PM »
This is a bad idea since your modifying core files that will get overwritten during updates. You should modify the autologon plugin that comes with Roundcube to fit your needs.