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Password plugin not saving changes to cpanel accounts


This topic seems to have come up several times, but I can't get the password plugin to work properly with cpanel accounts.

First I got the error about missing xmlapi.php but I solved that. Not the changes to passwords aren't being saved. I've tried all sorts of host names and ports and login details, but it always says successful without any actual change.

No error in the log.

You could try the cpanel_webmail driver, maybe you'd have better luck with that one.

That's finally worked! I used the base domain as the host and port 2096 as the port (appears to be the ssl port). I tried port 2095 and got connection error.

Should any of the password options at the top of the file be changed, for example the algorithm is still set to clear. Would cpanel take care of encrypting the passwords?

The options at the top of the config file are used by other password drivers not for the cpanel_webmail driver. cPanel should be encrypting or hashing the passwords.


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