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Can not connect to Roundcube from Client Machine

Started by mailserver2, July 20, 2017, 05:32:38 PM

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Good Day Admin and Users,

I have a project am working on that involves me using roundcube. I have installed roundcube, wamp and hmailserver on my server machine. Everything works perfectly but on the client i can not seem to login into the roundcube via web browser. What could be the problem please help me.  i have this running on windows 8 on the server and windows 7 on the client.

Thank you


Same problem on Win 10 at the same time - all my files and folders are blank. When i tried another webmail client (Horde) all is well on the server side - just the Roundcube client failed. Whew.

What was weird was that Roundcube said I had 31Mb of data (Email disk Usage) that I can delete - so all the data is there in all the folders but went to Roundcube disk usage utility. When I send myself an email to Roundcube, Roundcube shows receipt and then immediately thrashes it before it can even be seen in the inbox!