Author Topic: Import CSV/VCF improvements  (Read 2951 times)

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Import CSV/VCF improvements
« on: September 08, 2017, 03:49:48 AM »
Not sure this has already been mentioned/requested but imho there are quite a few minor improvements  that would make the CSV and VCF import a lot more flexible.

- provide a checkbox to allow import of contacts without email address. In the current implementation those are skipped. This would allow to import contact details like phone(s), postal adress(es), ... 
- provide a checkbox to allow the import of duplicates. Now, if the email of a contact being imported already exists in the address book, it is skipped. A situation where different contacts share the same email address is not that exceptional.

For the record: an import that replaces the complete address book will import everything - including contacts with the same email address (which is fine btw) except contacts without email addresses. VCF and CSV different when not replacing the complete address book: VCF import will not create contacts with the same name and a different email address, CSV import will though (which is what I prefer or it should also be controllable).

I checked the config but couldn't find any settings to control those things ... unless I missed something