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Incorrect email date received from thunderbird


hello everyone :)

There is a behavior that I do not understand in Roundcube, it is when I send an email using Thunderbird with an incoherent system date (Wrong date )  the receiver receives this email in its webmail (Roundcube) with an incorrect can test it.
I want to know if there is a solution for this problem :(

What is the problem?

normal behavior i receive the email with a correct date according to the preferences I have configured on my Roundcube account (Time Zone).
with gmail or hotmail I get the email with correct date even if the sender with Thunderbird has an incorrect system date

So, the only problem you have is: "I don't know when the message has been received", right?

the probem is i have incorrect email date (column Date in Roundcube ) in my Webmail when the sender send an email with thunderbird with incorrect time systeme.
to understand well the problem you can change the date of your system with an incorrect date and send an email with thunderbird to your mailbox roundcube you will see an incorrect date of the email in roundcube interface.


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