Author Topic: "Send the message now" dissapears or is not clickable in Opera 9.25  (Read 2878 times)

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I am using Opera as my primary web browser and I have discovered that RC is unusable with Opera now.
When I write a new message I cannot click "Send the message now" button with the mouse, it is not clickable!
If I try to TAB to it to get the focus on it, it dissappears completely! But the focus is really set and the button can be clicked with the SPACE!
Very weird!
This is a major show stopper for Opera users.
What's that? Another Opera bug? Or a bug in RC?
I looked into the error console in Opera and found a steam of errror there...
Opera 9.25 on Windows Server 2003 (think Window XP).
In FF2.0 and IE7 buttons work as expected.