Author Topic: Change Pasword - driver for dovecot virtual user password files  (Read 160 times)

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I've setup a virtual domain/user environment in debian9 using dovecot and exim. The passwords are stored in a file, one file for each domain under a dir called virtualdomain. I use 'doveadmin -pw -s SHA512-CRYPT -p password' to create the the encrypted password. Then I add/modify a line in the domain file with this format:
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Are there any current drivers that could handle this sort of change or any that could be modified to do so? I've looked at the drivers in RC 1.3.4 but have not found anything that looks like it can do this even though I see what seem to be applicable  settings in the password/ file (regarding dovecot password generation). I've ducked this issue for hours now without any luck at all.

Any help would be appreciated.