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Invalid request. no data was saved. HELP!


ive been using roundcube for a while now . ive setup two roundcube on my domains . the other one is working and the other one give me Invalid request no data was saved . please help me its frustrating.

heres my

$config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://user:pass@ip/dbname';
$config['force_https'] = false;
$config['use_https'] = true;
$config['imap_debug'] = true;
$config['debug_level'] = '4';
$config['default_host'] = '';
$config['des_key'] = 'key'

Debug_level should be 1. Are you sure you need use_https?

ive also tried putting both on false . still no luck .

I see that if I leave the browser window on the login screen overnight. Appears to be the session has expired or been cleaned out of the session table.

Are you seeing it after the session has expired. Maybe it is set too a short time?


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