Author Topic: Why does right part of my email address contain subdomain information IMAP?  (Read 5285 times)

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I create a CNAME to redirect throw

When I try following parameter in, my address is in login page and in scrolling menu of identities (before composing a new email) :

$rcmail_config['default_host'] = 'ssl://';

So I change it to ssl:// in order to obtain an address without "imap" subdomain but I thought I will have to use a special CNAME to do things properly. Is roundcube adapted to work like that? Is anything I misunderstood?

Thanks a lot for any kind of help.

Phil. (forget my poor english please, I did my best to be clear).

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Same issue I have added imap.domain name in default host of IMAP and during login email it shows imap in login email. I have to manuallyy chage it.

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If your IMAP login name is

Then use in that config.