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« on: January 30, 2008, 07:56:43 AM »

I use virtuser_query to get the email address for the user, But from the description i could also get the name of the user, i have now made a dumb query to test it, but i'm unable to get the users name. so is there anybody else that have got that to work?

// Query to resolve user names and e-mail addresses from the database
// %u will be replaced with the current username for login.
// The query should select the user's e-mail address as first col
$rcmail_config['virtuser_query'] = 'SELECT "","firstname surname" FROM userdb.login';

i.e, this query always returns the "","firstname surname", (for testing purpuse), however the sending address in roundcube is still u012345 . (u012345 being my login), and i would like it to be "firstname surname"

(using the latest nightly build)