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webmail 401 forbidden


Hi, guys

On CentOS 7 with Apache 2.4 I am using Roundcubemail 1.4-rc1. I have also integrated it into owncloud via carddav. As Owncloud is a backend for caldav/cardav records between the applications. Both applications are working like a charm. But, once I wanted to integrate the Roundcube itself (as external application) into the Owncloud interface, I've got 401 forbidden. Although, I have configured the Owncloud plugin to the same URL, that's used for the direct webmail access. And I've stuck there. Please, take a look into the screenshots attached.

Looks like it's some kind of apache configuration issues, but I have: "Require All Granted" on  configured inside the proper directory.


Looks like I found the cause. I have unset the X-Frame-Options in apache, and then everything has started to work.
Now, I have roundcube integrated into Owncloud 9.1.

I suppose, this topic can be closed.


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