Author Topic: Does Roundcube allow 'Two Step Authentication'?  (Read 2743 times)

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Does Roundcube allow 'Two Step Authentication'?
« on: June 12, 2019, 10:27:30 AM »
Is anyone able to point me in the direction of where I could go about installing some kind of 'Two Step Authentication' onto Roundcube's Webmail?

Assuming this is possible, is there also a way to create some kind of 'App Password' like Hotmail and Gmail does?  The reason for asking, is that I currently use a 3rd party Email Client to manage my Emails.  As such, I would need some kind of 'App Password', so that I do not need to enter such Codes into the Email Client every time I wish to access the emails.

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Re: Does Roundcube allow 'Two Step Authentication'?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 01:40:03 PM »
Roundcube's plugin API allows you to alter the login process and you can insert a 2FA step but that's only half of it. Before you can think about adding support into Roundcube you first need to add support for it to your IMAP server - making sure your "normal" password will only be accept if entered via Roundcube and adding support for app passwords.

Kolab have published a 2FA plugin which might give you some pointers on how to implement the roundcube parts
Roundcube Plugins: Contextmenu, SpamAssassin Prefs, and moreā€¦

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Re: Does Roundcube allow 'Two Step Authentication'?
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2022, 09:53:45 AM »
Rublon offers an open source Roundcube connector so that you can use 2FA with Mobile Push via mobile app, SMS and FIDO hardware tokens like YubiKeys:

The source code is on GitHub: