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disable column ordering


I am using roundcube 1.3.6
Now, i have looked at an old entry here  -,2302.msg9403.html#msg9403
We do have the configs mentioned in the link , namely $rcmail_config['list_cols'] = array('subject', 'from', 'date', 'size');
My issue is not withe the column orders, the customer wants to DISABLE users from manually dragging and changing the positions of the available columns in the array.
Currently, all users are able to drag these 4 columns and alter their position.
Any help is much appreciated

well i guess first i should say that `$rcmail_config` was depreciated in rc 1.0 and it should be `$config`.

to stop users changing the order you can add `list_cols` to the `$config['dont_override']` array.

This worked JohnDoh, sorry for asking such a basic question but I am very new to roundcube...


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