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Emails disappear
« on: February 08, 2008, 09:48:44 AM »
Strange problem here.. Everything is great when I first login to RCmail. My messages are displayed properly and all that good stuff. However, if I navigate away from the inbox (ie: to Sent or Trash) and then return to my inbox, I receive the message, "No messages found in this mailbox." It's like the messages just disappeared. If I logout and log back in...the messages come back.

Is anyone else experiencing issues like this...or is it just me? I really like RCmail's interface...and REALLY want to use it 100% of the time....but can't until I get this resolved. NOTE: I used to use one of the RCmail beta's back in the day (~2yrs ago or so), and really had no complaints. Doesn't seem likely that the program would get buggier with new it's probably my box's fault. It's just strange that squirrelmail has absolutely no problems like this when interfacing with the same IMAP server.

System info:

CentOS 5
Apache 2.2