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IE HTML signature broken

Started by EccentricTOo, November 03, 2007, 09:13:47 AM

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In Internet Explorer, the HTML signature functionality is inconsistent at best. Most of the time it does not appear at all; sometimes it does. In Firefox it seems to be working fine.
A few things I noticed :

- at first login ; clicking "compose" produces (after extensive loading of editorfiles) an empty htmleditor ; never a signature at all
  at this point:
   -> refreshing the page has no result ; still no signature
   -> clicking back to mailbox, then clicking compose again will sometimes, but rarely, produce the signature. Mostly it doesn't.

Signature in plain text composition works as expected. It is only the HTML signature that does not.

I sincerely hope this can get priority and be fixed ; it's a pretty ugly bug in an awesome and very good piece of software!
Cheers mates.


Well its IE, But yes this does need to be fixed.


Hi all, does anyone have a fix for this issue as yet? Roundcube has been great apart from this bug!





We too are having this same problem.   We are currently using 0.1.1

I see from TRAC and from other searches that the problem has been resolved.

However, I have just downloaded and installed the latest version (fresh install before deciding whether to upgrade our existing) and the signature still does not come up in Internet Explorer (tested with IE7).

In fact I get a Javascript error which I do not get with 0.1.1

Line: 1917
Char: 9
Error: 'dom' is null or not an object

Does anybody else have the HTML signature reliably working in IE7 or does anybody get this Javascript error with the latest version?



Dear All,

I can confirm the same error ("dom is null or not an object") happens under IE7 / Win Vista (line 2028, char 9).  I'm using the latest SVN version under PHP 5.2.6 / Apache 2.0.54.

I couldn't find a specific ticket for this, so I'm opening a new one on Trac.

Kind regards,
Corrado Fiore


In I.E 6.0 an 7.0 and Opera 9.6 it only works when disabling:
"Compose HTML messages" in the "User preferences"

Is you remove the check mark "HTML signature" in "Identities" and edit your identity and now make sure you have above check mark "Compose HTML messages" in the "User preferences".
Then you cannot write an HTML signature, but your messages will be written in HTML and that's okay for me now, because I don't need a fancy signature with picture.

Hope this have helped someone:) ?