Author Topic: Sending mail: "An error occured while saving" for usernames with dots  (Read 16065 times)

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There seems to be a problem for users with dots in their usernames: will receive "An error occured while saving" error while sending mail. Mail is being sent, but it is not saved in "Sent" folder. Accounts with no dots in their username are doing just fine.

I am using rc2 with CentOS+apache+mysql+php5.

Is there a patch for this issue, or do I have change something in my configurations?

Attached is my main config file.

Error message on the server: [Wed Feb 27 11:50:41 2008] [error] PHP Notice: Could not save message in SENT in /home/[account_name]/public_html/mail/program/include/ on line 95

Offline mdryan

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I can confirm this one. Message gets sent, but "An error occurred while saving" and not saved in sent items. Only when username part of e-mail address contains dots.