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Vacation out of office issue

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In the dovecot on the Roundube server it looks like you are storing sieve info in local files. So how does your MDA access that info? And you appear to have some auth problems - does Dovecot on the Roundcube server use the same auth backend as your IMAP server?

May be it would be easier to run managesieve and IMAP on the same Dovecot instance. I think that is what most people do.

What if i am using gmail as my imap server ?
how can make the filter section work in this case , i can only setup roundcube client on one server, how am i supposed to run imap on this server?
"your statement on dovecot and imap to run on same server" how does it work here , when i cant make any changes on gmail side?

may be a client side filtering solution would be better for you, something like ?

client side filtering solutions is what i am looking for , but this doesnt include the out of office option in the filters

Client side filtering can never do out of office sending because the client would have to be running in order to send out emails.

If your using Gmail then you just need to go into Gmail and set the out of office message there.


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