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Docker install - database connection issue


Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting the Roundcube docker set up on my Unraid box.  I've created a mariadb docker and created the roundcubemail database, as well as a user with all privileges.  Then, I set up the Roundcube docker, specifying environment variables for the database connection.  However, when I launch the webUI, I'm getting a "Database Error: connection failed!" message.  The log for the container shows an access denied for user error:

Thinking that the issue might be in communicating with the mariadb instance, I installed the mysql client in the Roundcube container and attempted to connect to the remote database using the same credentials provided to Roundcube.  I was able to connect, therefore ruling out a communication problem between the containers.

So, I'm at a loss... does anybody have any ideas why I might not be able to connect?  Thanks for your help!

After playing around with this some more today, I found that I'm also unable to access the install page.  I get a 403 Forbidden error stating "You don't have permission to access /install on this server."  I did some googling and added a directory to the apache2.conf file with "Require all granted" on /var/www/html, but that doesn't seem to have had any effect.

I'd really love to get this working, and perhaps even put together a tutorial for getting a roundcube docker up and running.


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