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Re: Saving Emails with attachments
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Hello again ;)

Command line Backups

IMAPSize allows you to perform backups invoked from the command line. This enables you to run IMAP backups from a script. You have to provide the -backup switch and specify the account you wish to backup as the parameter of the -account switch. For example, to backup an account named "test_account", you would invoke it like this:

imapsize -backup -account=test_account


  * If you want to backup multiple accounts, you should invoke one command for each account.
  * In order to perform a backup from the command line for a specific account, the list of folders to backup has to be specified.
This is done automatically if you have already performed a backup from the IMAPSize UI. Alternatively, you can specify these with the "Save Folders" option in the Account Backup dialog.
  * The log of command line backups is stored as "bak" entries in imapsize.log. You can check them by doing grep "bak " imapsize.log or if you have Unix tools installed, you can monitor the progress of the backup with tail -f imapsize.log | grep "bak "