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man roundcube beats the rest hands down cant wait to see it fully featured.

just completed the first install, the only issues were human error(me).

can i just thank the developers for there work on this.


--- Quote from: igeoffi ---haha
you can have it back
just delete it and make a new one...since your a mod ;)

--- End quote ---
i wouldnt do that . and thats why im a mod ;)

errrr.... in the 0.1 beta version from 1 to 5 i think it's a 10
for the subversion 273 i score from 1 to 5 a 20 hehehehe

it's very simple to use ;D what i can say more :D

4/5, since it still need some more features like the rte and better ability to use/create plugins. The Interface is great, and pretty easy to use. one thing you should also do is hightlight new messages


The first webmail which is really usable compared to mail clients, interface is great and the whole package is simple enough. It still needs some features though, but don't make it too bloat.

Keep up the good work!


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