Author Topic: How to set web version of roundcube to show in "send folder" "email reciptient"  (Read 1121 times)

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When I open "send folder" I have on email list information from which email the message was send. This is useless becouse I have only one email and I all of messages are sending from one email adress. I will be more usefull to show to reciptient email. I never know to who was this email. Is this possible to set up Roundcube to show email reciptient in "send folder" instead of my email ? I spend a lot of time on searching some emails.

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If could be a couple of different things:

Check you have correctly configured your Sent special folde, see

Also it could be about your column settings. In the Larry skin there its cog/gear icon in the top left corner of the message list, this brings up an option dialog. Check that you have "From/To" selected rather than just "From"
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