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Vacation message won't turn off


I want to turn my out of office message off (vacation), but I can't. It is still on, even though the box is clear. There is an error message that comes up  'error during connection'.

My clients are still receiving the out of office even though I got back 2 weeks ago.

Please advise me what to do.



Contact your email provider and ask them for support.


Roundcube is my email provider! Who else would it be?

The round cube email is the email address attached to my website...

Can you let me know how I get int ouch with someone from round cube - I really really need to sort this.

Could I cancel my email address and then re-instate it?


Roundcube is NOT your email provider. Roundcube is webmail software used by your email provider to allow you to access your email. If you got the email account with your website whoever you pay for your website hosting is your email provider, contact them and ask them for support.


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