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Very pleased with Elastic theme


I just wanted to thank the folks behind the Elastic theme, it's excellent. I have a few 100 folks using it for the past 2 weeks and the feedback has been 99% positive. A couple of folks have said "this is so much like a sane desktop app that I won't bother using Outlook anymore"... which says a lot. And as an admin I find it a pleasure to go in to help sort out IMAP folder and spam filter problems. Next step is to get imapproxy working and remote Contacts automatically synced up with Nextcloud. The only niggle I have is that the folder and message list columns can't be manually resized. Also, the tablet mode media query layout change seems to be at 1280px which is a bit high as some folks with old computers are stuck in tablet mode on their desktops. Other than those niggles I am in awe of how well thought out the Elastic theme is and obviously that's only possible on top of the wonderful RC codebase itself. A huge thanks to all developers involved :-)

Can't wait to start using this as well. Are you using it on RC1?

I was just thinking the same thing and was hoping to find a thread that was thanking the devs for such a massive improvement to Roundcube.

Thank you so much for your continued efforts to make Roundcube even more awesome with a modern UI that is mobile friendly  :)

Also I doubt anyone will find this useful but I have a series of ansible roles that I use to build a DIY email server that I've been running for years and years now, in case someone else is doing the same  thing or wants to reuse them or even file PRs:



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