Author Topic: FU**ing Charset Bug  (Read 7961 times)

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FU**ing Charset Bug
« on: August 07, 2006, 04:48:04 AM »

the Charset Bug still exist.

When i'm change the Language to German DE-DE so i must clean the language files at first because the charset-fileformat are wrong and this file contain special characters.

so i have add the entry   "php_value   default_charset iso-8859-2" in the htaccess file and have enable the uft8

in beta 1 does this work.. but in beta2 there are more bugs about this

when i'm using only iso-8859-2 so there are display only ? instead the umlauts an the mails contain Blocks instead the Umlauts.

But if i'm using the utf8 so the mails are display correct..

in the beta1 i'm using iso-8859-2 on index.php. but this does not work in beta2