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I've been using Roundcube for years now and I think it is time to move from sqlite to mysql. However, there's no documentation on how to do that, nor are there any scripts available.

It would be great, if there was a script that takes care of all that. Or even a document would be enough.

Of course I could manually export tables from sqlite and import them into mysql. Is this going to be enough? Do I have to take care of any other things (except changing the config file). I could only find the wiki page which references the It's very well documented (great job), but some info is still missing. e.g. when using apc can I use APCu, or do I have to use the old apc extension?

I would also like to get some info on: when is sqlite no longer appropriate? A comparison of caching backends. e.g. mostly the php igbinary serializer is faster than redis. But maybe there are other reasons why someone would pick redis. Basically a best practices document would be a great addition.

  K. C.

P.S.: What's up with the captcha stuff? I'm a registered user, yet I have to enter a captcha every time?


Where you able to migrate from Sqlite to Mysql?


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