Author Topic: Duplication in Kolabs Calendar interface  (Read 1923 times)

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Duplication in Kolabs Calendar interface
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:30:16 PM »
Hi - I have installed the Kolabs Calendar plugin and it has all the correct functionality. However, I have three problems with the user interface. See the screencap for actual view:

1. Day Week Month Year button sets are duplicated

2. Month Year selector is clearly in the wrong place

3. Day numbering looks out of place, especially the "1" visible.

If anyone has any ideas or can just point me to the specific php/html/css files to edit I would be grateful.

I have grepped my way through the base files carefully but I can't seem to find the exact PHP/js/or html files to edit.

The plugin is written differently to Roundcube.

Thanks in advance for any help.