Author Topic: Need help with Roundcube 1.4.0 new ELastic skin-->Watermark issue  (Read 1869 times)

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Hello my name is Patrik, i have problems with my new installation of Roundcube 1.4.0. I use now the new Elastic skin, but i have problems to replace roundcubes logo to my own logo. The main logo (on login page) was changed and the logo in the header to, but i cant change the watermark logo. If i use my own logo, then the watermark is gone and i cant see any logo watermark, i only can see/use the logo from roundcube.
So roundcube community maybe you can help me with my issue.

I also replaced logo.svg with my own logo (the same name and file format-->logo.svg) and nothing.
Oh and i use all php extensions needed for roundcube, i use php 7.1

I hope someone can help me.
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Re: Need help with Roundcube 1.4.0 new ELastic skin-->Watermark issue
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Hi Patrik,

No doubt you've either given up or solved this by now.. but I just had the same problem. You said that you replaced the logo.svg with your own, but I suspect the path may not be correct. I was able to remove the logo by changing the name of the logo.svg in /skins/elastic/images/ causing it not to be displayed. I've now replaced this with a transparent svg file from wikimedia, which I renamed to logo.svg.

this is then loaded instead of the roundcube watermark, it's transparent so won't interfere with anything else in the background and won't cause a 404 for the 'missing' logo. I've also tested this with a random .svg logo from the net and it displayed that as the watermark successfully. Replacing this file with your own .svg logo should work for you.

Good luck!
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