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After an unexpected interplay between a new iPhone 11 mail account and my RoundCube account on our server, i see a new mail icon, namely the circle with a cross bar in the attached image. Can anyone tell me please what that icon stands for?  thanks. 

That means the message has been deleted but not purged on the imap server. 

Thanks very much. I thought that might be the case.  Now i just have to check that there is no settings that delete these after some time period. I do not want to lose the messages. Thousands.

May I please ask more about this mail feature.  I cannot find where in the roundcube program that one can specify how long deleted mails should be held before they are totally removed.  It seems that i have lost thousands of emails. The ones that were marked with the crossed circle are now gone from the roundcube... but i cannot find anywhere in settings that says that should happen.   I see in settings an option "flag msg for deletion instead of delete? "  is that the one that turns on the crossed circle and then waits some time and then deletes?  if so, how long is that time and where is it set?

Maybe more generally i should be asking if there is a help file that would address these types of questions?

thanks very much.  I am in a real bind with losing all these mails.

Roundcube doesn't automatically delete messages that have been flagged for deletion that would be done by the mail server.


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