Author Topic: Move all folders to new email user  (Read 720 times)

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Move all folders to new email user
« on: February 12, 2020, 10:01:26 PM »
So I am the owner of the company and admin user for my cpanel. My ex office manager has several folders containing important emails all on her email user
I want to take all of those folders and send them to the new office person's email on the server so that she can have access now. Is this possible?
I've looked a bit throughout the forum but haven't stumbled across this subject. Can someone help me please?

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Re: Move all folders to new email user
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2020, 06:01:09 PM »
I read the cpanel link that was left in this discussion. The commands are used on a unix server for copying emails from one directory to another. If the person is an office-person and does not know unix shell or basic unix commands, it will be difficult for them to grasp the concept.

So I know unix, but do not have server-level access right now (not a SysAdmin)  and am having sort of the same issue.

I REALLY NEED Roundcube to supply either an external app that we can load on our client or better yet a selection off of the MORE... menu pick that allows for Bulk Download of EMails from a folder and produces a .mbox file. Then we can use Roundcube's already-supplied Import facility. Reason why we need this where we are is that we are switching accounts to support a re-branding project for our museum.

Hopefully the RoundCube folks will read this and make this change.

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Re: Move all folders to new email user
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2020, 12:23:49 AM »
Keep in mind Roundcube is only a email client not a email system. It doesn't makes sense for Roundcube to add the ability to export a full email account worth of mail because web server processing limits would cause the operation to break. I'd suggest using a desktop email client like Thunderbird to connect directly to the mail server and download the email.