Author Topic: allow password change with hostinger and roundcube customized  (Read 599 times)

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hello! i am a developer from brazil, and i am using the hostinger services.
hostinger it is a multi national hosting provider.
well... i was developing with one of my leaders, one customized e-mail client for his company.
everything was pretty ok...
basically, we installed the roundcube open source in the /home/username/public_html/email/

and we customized the theme, login details, logos, and everything to our brand collors.
and everything is pretty great!
but there is one problem.
we want that our employess become able to change their passwords from this customized webmail.
and there is no hostinger driver for the password plugin.
alsohostinger offers by default their own webmail, that is totally based in the roundcube software.
but, we don't know how to allow the passwords changes in the roundcube, with our OWN version.
does anybody have this kind of knowledge?
we want it to be in hostinger...
hostinger has their own panel, but, i do know that their official webmail is roundcube based.
if anybody knows something, please, answer.

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Re: allow password change with hostinger and roundcube customized
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2020, 03:13:55 PM »
You would need to write your own password driver for Hostinger. Maybe reach out to Hostinger and see if they have an API for changing passwords or if they support one of the drivers that are part of Roundcube.