Author Topic: Migrating from OpenWebMail  (Read 335 times)

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Migrating from OpenWebMail
« on: April 20, 2020, 01:36:55 AM »

I am migrating a site from OpenWebMail to Roundcube.  I've googled around a bit, but have not come up with solutions to the following events.  Any pointers would be most appreciated!

1. When a user logs in for the first time, OpenWebMail would grab their full name from the unix user entry, and put that in the user-editable FROM: address of any outbound emails.  How do I do this in Roundcube?

2. We have several shared address books.  In OpenWebMail, I could just create a symbolic link from the user desired to the addressbook file, and now they had access to that addressbook.  I see that this is now in a MySQL database (in my implementation of Roundcube), but is there a way to accomplish this?

3. I need to convert the user's current addressbook to the SQL-based one for Roundcube, but only the first time they log in.  Is there some sort of hook that I can use to add a script (that I can write) that will be called upon login?

Thanks so much for your help, and work in this program!


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Re: Migrating from OpenWebMail
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2020, 11:52:16 AM »
1. I don't know that there is a plugin that will pull the name from there unix user entry but you could build a plugin to do that, take a look at the new_user_dialog plugin that ships with Roundcube for an example.

2. Take a look at the globaladdressbook plugin and see if that fits your needs.

3. Yes, take a look at the user_create plugin hook: