Author Topic: Where can I find information about rules/filters? (About how to customize them)  (Read 1332 times)

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Hi! Where do you think I should look for information about this?
I need to create rules/filters for my users. The usual filters that email providers have.
Filters like "messages that contain this subject will be moved to" or things like that.

Currently my rules look like this:

I'm guessing that there are some "string" or something to look for in "Body". And I sure can learn how to do that. But It would be great to customize that so other "normal" users can just go and use their filters like they have been doing before with email providers. Like, in a more user friendly way and not having to learn anything "code" related.

I've been looking for information but in a lot of websites or videos they already have a fully implemented RoundCube suite with all the filters already created. And the other thing I found is lots of information about a "sieve" language... and seems that with that one could create any rule or filter that one can imagine... but that would be the lees user friendly option in existence ("ok guys, now everyone has to learn this programming language!")

What should I learn and where should I look for in order to customize those rules so the users of my company can have a fully customized email?

Thank you very much in advance!