Author Topic: Creating clickable URL link in signature or looking for (free) sig. template  (Read 192 times)

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New to roundcube and having problems setting up my signature to function how I'd like it to.

I have a photo and underneath that I have my website address and phone #'s. I'd like for someone receiving an email from me to be able to click on the website address and have their browser redirect them there. I'd like for when someone is viewing the email on their cellphone to be able to click on the number and have it dial that number.

Under 'Settings > Identities' I have the box marked "HTML signature" checked. Under 'Settings > Preferences > Composing Messages' I have "Compose HTML Messages" set to "Always."

When I send myself test emails and hover the mouse over the website address the cursor changes from an arrow to an "I" beam and the color of the text turns from black to blue, but nothing happens when clicking.

I also took the same photo in my signature and in PhotoShop placed text layers for the website address and phone numbers and using the slice tool linked them to URL's. Haven't tried this yet since I exported at too large a size for roundcube. Also came across something on the internet suggesting that creating a signature as a Word .doc or in PS isn't a good idea. I'm looking for a basic signature and a basic overall solution. Doesn't need to be fancy, and would prefer to do this all within roundcube if possible.

How to I configure my signature to do what I'd like? Is there a free signature generator that works with roundcube that can accomplish this. I use HubSpot to do this for my Google gmail signature and it works fine, but HubSpot doesn't seem to want to integrate with roundcube. Open to suggestions.

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Please contact your email provider for support. Roundcube is the name of the webmail software they are using, it is not a service.
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