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Creating identities and signatures from an LDAP server
« on: July 31, 2020, 01:08:44 AM »

I need to autocreate identities and signatures from LDAP in RoundCube 1.4.7

In my old RoundCube ver. 1.2.3 it has been realized by adding custom ldap array (in addition to the existing $config['ldap_public']) that used by custom function for signature generation - at file config/

Then data from it function uses every time when user compose new mail and only if user has no any defined signatures - at file program/steps/mail/ in function rcmail_compose_header_from

I know that this creates an extra load to the LDAP-server, but this code has been implemented without me and I got it as is.

But this code does not works since RoundCube ver. 1.4 and I'm trying to change it for signature's autocreation directly in DB table identities at first user's logon instead generation on-the-fly at every compose.

I can't find any plugins for that task, except "new_user_identity" (but I don't see any changes when activating it at $config['plugins']) and old message at RoundCube's maillist -

I see that user's identity (only Name and Email) creates at first logon without any plugins including "new_user_identity". I don't want to change main RC code if it possible because this will complicate update.

Does anybody knows is it possible to realize this func by one of existing plugins (may be I searched it by incorrect name/request)?

UPD: PHP 7.4
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