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A Real Roundcube Map
« on: April 14, 2008, 07:16:12 PM »
Today I installed roundcube 0.1 and I found that it to be a complicated process. That may require someone with technical background to install (not SMART).

After my 2-3 hours of the installation process due to mainly lack of a simple, but clear installation process, I was able to get roundcude up and running.

Once installed I was very surprised after having time to test the functionality that this was hands down BEST web mail interface I seen. I am coming from a very popular squirrel mail this is much better.

RoundCube - Road Map
First let me state that I donÂ’t calm to be any programming expert, matter fact I have zero programmer background. As a marketing person IÂ’ve seen great ideaÂ’s fail because too much time was spent creating more functionality with new a version after a version after a version than creating accessibility to the masses. ItÂ’s been 2 year since the launch of the interface and itÂ’s not yet a household name (disappointing) what next? More versions next year, again more version the other year, for whom a small customer base. You can see this on your website under development roadmap.  

That said I want to volunteer myself to roundcube team to help, so that it can become the leading provider of web mail solutions under GNU General Public License that will copied and used throughout the world. For this to happen there needs to be a major paradigm shift on the way the very impressive interface is being developed and marketed. Again I am at your disposal and willing ready to help.

Be reminded programmers are not good at marketing.