Author Topic: Alternative for Roundcube-Plugin for vadmbox?  (Read 368 times)

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Alternative for Roundcube-Plugin for vadmbox?
« on: October 03, 2020, 05:00:40 AM »

apparently there once was an interesting plugin called vboxadm, which probably will not be developed further. Among other things it is described as follows:

Vboxadm gains plus points through its own Vacation-Responder, controlled by the Vboxadm database schema, and a plugin for the popular webmailer Roundcube). This allows each user to conveniently control his settings for password, absence responder or spam score without logging into the actual Vboxadm GUI.

Is there an alternative plugin with similar functionality so that the user does not have to work with Sieve filters right away?

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I found the description for enabling a Vacation Option in the managesieve-plugin:
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