Author Topic: [solved] Limited Filtersets / alternative to vacation_sieve  (Read 463 times)

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[solved] Limited Filtersets / alternative to vacation_sieve
« on: October 05, 2020, 05:31:13 AM »
We are currently using roundcube and vacation-sieve with over 400 users. This works fine so far. Unfortunately it has one issue:
vacation-sieve creates its own filter set when you set up a vacation.
Due to the roundcube limit of only one active filter set at a time this will always deactivate all other filters. Also it does not reactivate the other filter set when the end time of the vacation is reached (this is a plugin issue I know).
This is rather annoying when you have a load of filters to sort mail into folders (or move spam to somewhere) and leaves you with a stuffed Inbox when you come back from vacation.

Unfortunately I haven't yet found any other vacation plugin that allows to set up a vacation the way vacation sieve does with a nice frontend and abilty to set start and end time.

Does anyone know any alternative or a way to remove that limit from roundcoube?

stay safe!
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I'm not familiar with the plugin you are refering to but you had a look at the managesieve plugin which is roundcube. That can be configured to have a separate vacation interface see this config

Roundcube Plugins: Contextmenu, SpamAssassin Prefs, and moreā€¦

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Thanks so much JohnDoh!

manage_sieve's vacation does exactly what I need and it works perfectly :)

Thanks again.