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Problems with roundcube & hMail
« on: September 04, 2020, 03:20:56 AM »
Hello all roundcube users & admins!
I would like to ask you for your support :( .. I'm stuck with configuration of roundcube. Can anyone please help me by any chance? (I'll buy you beer  :P)

Well, to cut a long story short I'm using hMailServer on Windows Server 2019 machine and ofc Roundcube with it. Everything is working now (kinda) but few things anoys my users and I can't help them with it.

1) Users can't change their password - I know that this problem is related to the "password" plugin, however I have no idea how to setup it.. I have checked "README" file, but when I changed config to "hmail" option, every time user changes PW he gets HTTP500 error... I have also tried "sql" option and connection to the DB, but server refuse to change the password ( he knows old password but he can't change it )
2) Timeout - all users complain about getting kicked from session by some kind of default timeout.. seems like it's set for 5 mins, but I didn't find anything in the config file.
3) Attachments - Users can upload only 2MB file... I have changed something in the config file, but no luck.
4) Users missing basic folder like "Recycle bin/Trash"
5) I'm also having some kind of problems with remote IMAP connections and SSL, but, it's more like problem with hMail and I think this is not the right place for it.

My settings:
- Windows Server 2019
- hMailServer (don't know version)
- Roundcube Webmail 1.4.4

DNS settings:
- DNS is handled by, all A records are proxied
- SPF: v=spf1 ip4:my_public_ip -all
- MX: on A record
- MX2: @ on A record
- SRV: mail _smtp 0 0 5 port 25 on

Roundcube plugins:
acl 1.8 GPLv3+
additional_message_headers 1.2.1 GPLv2
archive 3.4 GPLv3+
attachment_reminder 1.1 GPLv3+
autologon 1.0 GPLv3+
database_attachments 1.2 GPLv2
debug_logger 1.0 GPLv2
emoticons 2.0 GPLv3+
enigma 0.8 GPLv3+
example_addressbook 1.0 GPLv3+
filesystem_attachments 1.0 GPLv3+
help 1.4 GPLv3+
hide_blockquote 1.0 GPLv3+
http_authentication 1.5 GPLv3+
identicon 0.1 GPLv3+
identity_select 1.1 GPLv3+
jqueryui 1.12.0 GPLv3+
managesieve 9.3 GPLv3+
markasjunk 2.0 GPLv3+
new_user_dialog 2.4 GPLv3+
new_user_identity 1.1 GPLv3+
newmail_notifier 0.8 GPLv3+
password 5.1 GPLv3+
redundant_attachments 1.2 GPLv2
show_additional_headers 2.0 GPLv3+
subscriptions_option 1.4 GPLv3+
userinfo 1.2 GPLv3+
vcard_attachments 4.1 GPLv3+
virtuser_file 1.0 GPLv3+
virtuser_query 2.0 GPLv3+
zipdownload 3.4 GPLv3+

Thank you!