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Oauth2 support in roundcube


I'm new to roundcube and I need to use Oauth2 server for authenticate users to roundcube.
I could found this commit which says roundcube is having oauth support.

However when I install the stable version of roundcube (1.4.9) from it is not having the related oauth2 support codes.

for example, following pages are not found in the stable release.

Can anybody tell me why this is happen, Is there any other standard option to user oauth2 authentication with roundcube ?
Any help would be most appreciated ..

Thank You.

OAuth support is currently only available in the git-master version of Roundcube. It will be included in the next major release, version 1.5.

Thanks very much for the information, looking forward to use version 1.5

Hi, I have keycloak and the Roundcube both in docker, and my Roundcube docker version is 1.5 this has an Oauth2 configuration in file. I have mostly filled the configurations, But I don't know about the configurations right or not. While opening the round cube on my browser its shows login with keycloak button. But after logging in it doesn't redirect to the Roundcube webmail page, It redirects only to the keycloak page, and I can't enter to RoundCube webmail.


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