Author Topic: SORRY if this has been asked, im new - im looking for help with outlook :(  (Read 667 times)

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Hi im new to a company and only have roundcube via the internet which isnt great as i need to be notified when new emails come through and have the calendar notifications etc so im looking for any help from someone who has maybe experienced this before?

i need roundcube mails to come through outlook or any other email app that can be downloaded on windows?
i have tried doing outlook via the IMAP option but no emails come through on outlook so not sure if im missing anything.

i have searched the internet for a few days trying to resolve it, i appreciate any help at all

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You need to speak to your company's IT people or email provider to get IMAP connection details. Roundcube is open source webmail software, its an IMAP client like Outlook only webmaster it is not an email service.
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