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Password Plugin cPanel XMLAPI.PHP
« on: December 14, 2020, 02:03:09 PM »
As of Dec 2020 Im on the latest cPanel version.

Im running the latest versions of Roundcube and Password Plugin.  RC 1.4.9, Password 5.1

I have driver set to cpanel and all the cpanel driver settings configured.  .

First issue, the system errors on not able to locate XMLAPI.PHP file.  I went to github  and see it is obsolete for cPanel. 

Im lost at github's statement on:  "possible to use this package with the JSON serialization (and only the JSON serialization) in version 74 and newer." since Im not a programmer this is over my head.

Copying the XMLAP.PHP file from github as is to cPanel directory, the password plugin appears to work and provides a Password Updated success message but the password is not actually changed.

Appears the issue is to replace the cPanel calls with their new UAPI functions

Im surprised there is not a paid support option for roundcube or is that  ?

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Re: Password Plugin cPanel XMLAPI.PHP
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2020, 05:36:22 PM »
Use the cpanel_webmail driver instead of the cpanel driver.

There isn't any official paid support options for Roundcube. Roundcubeplus is not related to the Roundcube project.