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managesieve_kolab_master, KEP:14
« on: December 28, 2020, 06:22:06 PM »
I set managesieve_kolab_master=true to see how it would behave, based on reading some cryptic but alluring notes. That led to the following observations...
  • The KEP:14 wiki page is no longer available so I have no idea what is supposed to be in there.
  • I can't find any managesieve_kolab_master documentation so I don't know what was actually implemented.
  • Similarly, I can't find a concise list of what managesieve_kolab_master is known to break.
  • The feature that got my attention was support for multiple enabled filter sets: The USER.sieve file has "include" commands to execute all active filter sets.
  • To use that feature, set managesieve_filename_extension to empty string ''. When the include lines reference "name.sieve", Dovecot/Pigeonhole adds another .sieve extension, thus leading to name.sieve.sieve not being found.
The only issue I'm seeing now is that in the user home folder (I'm using /var/vmail/domain/user with ISPConfig) the .sieve symbolic link needs to manually be set. Under that user folder there is the sieve folder with all sieve files / filter sets. That folder also includes the USER.sieve file. The .../user/.sieve symlink needs to be set to %u/%n/sieve/USER.sieve. Something was manually changing it before but it's no longer being set. I believe this broke when I set managesieve_kolab_master=true. I'm sorry that I haven't looked at code yet to figure this out.

It would help to know what process is responsible for changing that symlink : Postfix? Dovecot? Pidgeonhole? Roundcube, RC ManageSieve plugin?


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