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External link menu in Settings?
« on: February 02, 2021, 06:05:55 AM »

I am currently using the roundcube system with a hmailserver.  I've been using server-side plugins like auto-reply or rule management for a long time. Unfortunately, there are problems with them from time to time so I would like to remove them and redirect all users to the phpwebadmin interface provided by the hmailserver.
So the only goal would be that in the roundcube system, when the user goes to the settings where the basic roundcube specific settings are available, there should be an additional menu like any plugin (like external settings) which he simply redirects the user to phpwebadmin interface.
If it were even possible to log in the user automatically, it would be even better, but if that is not possible, it can be dispensed with.
How could this be solved without having to enter custom codes into the roundcube base system?
Is there an existing plugin available for this?