Author Topic: Mail forwarding to multiple email addresses via filter does not work  (Read 503 times)

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I want to forward an incoming mail in a mailbox to multiple mail accounts. So I made a filter for this, in which I want that for alle messages:
- The message is copied to the Inbox
- The message is forwarded to mailaccount nr 1
- I repeat the forward 5 times to different mail accounts.

If I only do the first two (the copy and one forward) it works just fine. When I add the 5 next actions, the message is copied to the inbox but it is not being sent to mailaccount nr 1 or the other 5.
I've tried to resolve this by making 6 different filters but that did not work either.

Again my wish:
A mail is being sent to my mailaccount. I want this mail to be copied to the Inbox and want it automatically forwarded to 6 different mailaccounts.

Can anyone tell me wether this is at all possible and if so point out to me how I need to set the filters?

Thanks for your help!
Ineke Visser