Author Topic: It's very easy to (seemingly) remove all your extra mailboxes! :(  (Read 1439 times)

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Yup.  :( Everyone has the basic set of mailboxes -- "IN" and the other four.  And, in my case, there were several other mailboxes which I had defined and populated myself.

Today I went to delete one of the mailboxes I had created, after first deleting its contents. First time I've ever deleted a Roundcube mailbox, but how hard can it be, right? :D

I was presented with a list of all the mailboxes, with checkmarks appearing by default, so of course I unchecked the ones I didn't want to delete. But now they're ALL gone!  It's possible I slipped up in some small way, but irrevocable deletions shouldn't be this easy.

Two possible solutions:

 - display an "Are You Sure" screen, showing the mailboxes about to be deleted. Or...

 - require mailboxes to be emptied before they can be deleted.

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Re: OUCH! It's very easy to remove all your extra mailboxes! :(
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The checkboxes on the folders list are for the subscription state. And there's no multi-record selection on the folders list. So, I don't know how you deleted all folders at once. It's just not possible.

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Re: It's very easy to (seemingly) remove all your extra mailboxes! :(
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Thank you for the reply.  The problem is of a different nature than I suspected. Allow me to most humbly change gears.

With respect, I have no knowledge of what subscription state is. Like many users, I've never needed to go there. I'm just an ordinary guy tryna get a simple job done (ie, delete one mailbox).

Looking at the clues presented to me (see attached image), the Folder Actions seem clear.  I hope you can see why I unchecked almost all the boxes.

In hindsight I realize that unchecking the boxes alters this thing called subscription state, and that in turn removes the extra mailboxes from view -- they disappear (although they're not deleted).

So. I know user interfaces are hard to perfect. But maybe this one could benefit from a tweak or two.

I realize this is only one of many issues crying out for attention, and I thank you fine people for your continuing efforts. Cheers,