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Configuration Request: Default to Selection Check Boxes in Inbox


There is likely a configuration parameter for this request, but I couldn't locate it in the documentation or release notes. I also didn't see anything that could translate to my

My desire is to always default to showing the check boxes in the Inbox... as in attachment.

Thanks for any tips!

I know this is old, but I had this question too.  This is what I found.  If you are comfortable with altering skins, you can do this directly.  Please make a backup of the original file before making this alteration.

In the Elastic skin, in the mail.html file under the templates, this can be accomplished by adding the 'withSelection' class into the roundcube object call with the id messagelist in the messagelist-content div.  This is what the selection of the menuitem does with in the javascript calls.   I do not know the best way to override the class in terms of the normal process, but adding that class name into the class attribute displays the select check box automagically.

I am still learning how to adapt skins, so I feel this is a sketchy work around.   I would like to make this a toggle-able option within the settings, so that individuals can use the check boxes all the time or not as they choose.


Thanks for the response and pointers. I'll give it an effort and report my results.


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